March 23, 2010

Through the lens: Expo Images

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The Boston Globe Big Picture often curates spectacular images – here are some of the highlights from their recent collection on the development of the Expo site. Some incredible pictures demonstrating the magnitude of scale in constructing the pavilions.

Chinese Pavilion seen from the Expo Boulevard in January.

Debris from the demolishing of old buildings to make way for the new.

A worker cleans ‘Sunny Valley’ – a structure designed to harness solar power.

A worker walks on solar panels on the Theme pavilion. A classic ‘micro/macro’ shot that so often defines striking imagery of China’s tremendous scale. See our article on Solar Sponsorship for more about solar power in China.

A view of ‘The Trumpet’ – designed to capture the sun’s rays to light up the galleries and catch rain water to hydrate the green areas.

You can see the full set of images in their original context here.

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